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Sharon Ronen - Israel

2009 WUSV Champion




Her accomplishments


 2010 WUSV World Vice Champion in Seville, Spain 95/98/95

 2010 FCI IPO World Championship in Hamenlinna, Finland 10th place 97/88/94

 2009 WUSV World Champion in Krefeld, Germany 99/95/97

 I was the first woman to win the WUSV

 Also the first Israeli to win the WUSV, and participate the FCI competition

 A Bachelor's degree in Biology at the Hebrew University

 A Master degree in Zoology, animal behavior at Tel Aviv University

 At 2010, I trained animals for Tel Aviv university

 At the years 1997-2009, I served at the police, responsible at puppy project, and guiding dog handlers

 All my life I train many types of animals for different missions

I live in Israel between Haifa to Tel – Aviv, married 11 years to Gil, biologic engineer doctor and a full time job mammy to Shay, my 5 years old daughter. I live in a very small house, full of animals. From 4 gram (birds) to 600 kg (horses).

I start training animals from the age of 5-6 years old (mostly birds) and didn’t stop since then.

Got my first dog (Doberman) at the age of 6, and have my first winning in competition (obedience competition) with my second dog - a miniature pincher.

I served two years at “oketz” the K-9 unit as a responsible for special projects and responsible to the puppy project.

My knowledge relay on a vast reservoir from any creature a ever trained, from my civilian knowledge (pet training and sport), from my military and police knowledge, from understanding what I’m see, why the animal behave this way, and the ability to think about creative solutions.







2009 WUSV Championship Obedience

Sharon Ronen & Sam Beit Haboxer mehagivaa, SchH3, IPO3



2009 WUSV Championship Protection

Sharon Ronen & Sam Beit Haboxer mehagivaa, SchH3, IPO3



2010 WUSV Championship Highlights

Sharon Ronen & Sam Beit Haboxer mehagivaa, SchH3, IPO3

Website: www.numaxes-protrainer.de

Email: shr.ronen@gmail.com



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