2011 Masters World

Dog Sport Tournament

for German Shepherd Dogs June 24-26, 2011





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Ronny Burmer - USA




His accomplishments


Titled 4 dogs from Puppy to SchH3

 Arrow Vom Ausland

 Issa Vom Haus Safko

 Zora Vom Haus Safko

 Nick Vom Patiala


Issa Vom Haus Safko, SchH3, IPO3:


 11 times SchH3

 2008 FCI IPO3 World Championship Competitor

 2007 Alternate WUSV World Championship USA Team Member

 2007 USA GSD National Championship 8th place

 2007 USA HOT Championship 4th place and High Tracking

 2007 USA GSD National Championship High Scoring Female and 2nd place Handler Owned

 2006 USA GSD National Championship High Obedience

 2006 USA GSD National Championship 3rd Place


Nick Vom Patiala, SchH3:


 2010 New England Regional Championship 1st place SchH2







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