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Dog Sport Tournament

for German Shepherd Dogs June 24-26, 2011





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My name is Betty Lindblom. I live in Massachusetts with my husband and five German Shepherd Dogs. 

I compete in Schutzhund/IPO with two of my dogs, and I’m a member of Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club.


I became active in the sport 2004, which got me back into photography after 15 years of not picking up a camera. After seeing the power in the dogs as well as the bond between handlers and dogs at training and trials, I started to bring my camera to capture those moments. Combining my love of photography with the sport of Schutzhund/IPO came naturally to me. Being involved in the sport with my dogs helps me to know where I should be on the field at the right moment. My specialty is shooting dogs in action and head shots.


I was the Official Photographer for the following events: 2007, 2008 and 2009 New England Regionals, the 2008 Masters World Dog Sport Tournament, 2008 North Americans, 2008 WDA Schutzhund National Championship, 2008 New England Regional Conformation Show, 2009 USA GSD National Championship and the 2010 Working Dog Championship. I have also photographed numerous club trials in my region.


I am honored and excited to be chosen to be the Official Photographer for the 2011 Masters World Dog Tournament. Thank you, Carlos Rojas, for giving me the opportunity to do this again!  It should be an exciting event like it was in 2008!  Best of luck to all of the competitors!!  I’ll see you on the field!




Betty Lindblom

Website:  http://5dogsphotography.com/

Email: 5dogsphotography@comcast.net






Jan Redder & Constanze Rähse





pics4dogs is the photo database of Constanze Rähse and Jan Redder. We are professional photographers on the biggest dog sports events worldwide each year and visit the most important events to WUSV and FCI level. These include the WUSV, FCI World Championship, BSP (D), VDH-Chamionship (NL) KNPV Policedogs (NL), the VVDH Championship (B). The FMBB, the DMC Championships, the SV-Federal-FCI, the 7-country competition and the Inter-Country Cup include in our calendar. Our photo stock has existed since 2005 and includes more than 300,000 images from 6,000 dogs. We are solid partners in the DSH-Spezial, a German magazine for dog handlers and breeders of German Shepherds out of working lines. But other well-known magazines in Europe use our images for magazine covers and articles, including "VDH Magazine" and "Hondensport Sporthonden" "SC-Aktuell." We deliver our event photos for catalogs and sector companies they use for their advertising.

For Breeders and Handlers and locals, we offer the possibility of a special photo shoots, in order to create portraits and lasting memories. Our photos can be digital, as high-quality prints or be acquired in a photo album.


Look in our pics4dogs-database! For more information, inquiries or orders, please contact us.


We are very happy to invited and chosen to one of the official Photographers for the 2011 Masters World Dog Sport Tournament.


Thanks to Carlos & Ai and the Organization.




SHELLSHOTS Photography/Videography

Shelly Timmerman



My name is Shelly Timmerman, and I've been involved with dogs and photography most of my life. I currently own a Rottweiler and an Australian Cattle Dog rescue who are being trained and titled in Schutzhund.

I have been the secretary of my DVG Schutzhund club since 2000 and I have been the editor of the LV AMERICA DVG magazine since 2006.

I've been involved with photography for many years, video for several more-recent years, and I have the experience and knowledge to go along with my artistic flair and feel for the subjects I choose.

A job that combines your two passions? Animals and photography... don't call it just my job, call it my obsession.

I've been very lucky to attend many local (and some not so local) Schutzhund seminars, trials and Championships.


I have been the official video provider for:
2006-2008, 2010 DVG America Championships
2008-09 AWDF Championship and Team Challenge
2008 WUSV Championship
2008-09 UScA GSD Championships
2009 AWMA Championship
2010 UScA WD Championship
Official Photographer for:
2008-2010 DVG National Championships
2006-2010 SEKG Regional Championships
2009 AWMA Championship


For 2011: AWDF Championship and Team Challenge, GSDCA WDA Schutzhund Championship, UScA Working Dog Championship


I wish to thank everyone who has allowed me to "experiment" on them, (photographically of course.)
Good luck to the competitors, helpers, vendors and hosts!               
Shelly Timmerman


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