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Peter Verachtert - Chile




His accomplishments


I started training dogs about 15 years ago, first house dog obedience and for the last 12 years Schutzhund.


I trained with Doberman, Malinois and German Shepherds.


I got hooked into the sport with protection work, I got obsessed with being a good helper, I got to be helper at 4 different clubs at the time just to get experience and learn. During this time I trained and titled several dogs, but my main goal was being a helper. Thanks to this, I met and trained with great handlers and dogs in Belgium, like Roger Snollaerts, Bert Aerts, Ronny van den Berghe, and many others from different countries, and we became very good friends. In 2008 I got fruit from all this work, I was reserve helper at the FMBB in Slovenia and later the helper of the long bite at the FCI 2008. This same year, in September,  I got Bart. And he became my new goal, such a hard headed dog. I titled him in a year from scratch, and gave his SchH3 at the Chilean Championship and Selection trail, we won, and like this we went to our first 2 World Championships in 2009. In 2010 we went to the WUSV in Sevilla, obtaining 96 points in Protection work.


I am preparing right now for the selection trials here in Chile for the FCI and WUSV 2011.


Me and my wife are building a Dog Training Center and Kennel of working dogs here in Chile, for the last 2 years we’ve been breeding under the name “van de Verpihoeve”.






2010 WUSV World Championship Protection

Peter Verachtart & Bart z Lukyho Dvora, SchH3, IPO3

Website: www.peterverachtert.com


Email: peterverachtert@hotmail.com



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