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Nelli Racsko - USA




My name is Nelli Racsko. I started my dog sport career in Budapest, Hungary in 1984 and have been actively involved ever since. For the last 20 years I have trained in Los Angeles, California (USA).


For as long as I remember, I have been a great fan of German Shepherds and started training them at the age of 11 years. Since that I have raised, trained, titled and bred numerous dogs and have competed on national as well as international level with four of them. I am very proud of being able to represent my native land (Hungary) at 5 WUSV World Championships with two different dogs.


Currently, I own and manage Los Angeles K-9 Services and Danubius Kennels – a dog training business with a small breeding kennel in Southern California. I am also the founder and training director of a young but very promising working dog club called Danubius Schutzhund Club.


There have been a number of well recognized trainers who have tremendously influenced my journey with my selected dogs, three in particular - Dean Calderon of USA, Roger Snollaerts of Belgium and Voros Lajos of Hungary – thank you for helping me better understand the different aspects of this unique sport. Thanks to my family and the members of Danubius Schutzhund Club, too, for their continuous and unconditional support.


I am very excited to be included in the 2011 Masters World Dog Sport Tournament which I believe will be a great showcase for some of the most talented and accomplished Schutzhund trainers, handlers, judges and helpers from worldwide.


Competitions and Achievements:


 1984-1988 a total of 30 club and national level trials in Hungary

 1985 WUSV-WM (Hungary) demo dog in the protection phase

 1986 WPO Hungarian Vice Youth Champion

 1986 International Friendship Championship of Socialist Countries (Karl Marx Stadt, East Germany), representing Hungary

 1987 member of the Hungarian team (3 dogs) in Nitra, Czechoslovakia

 1988 WPO Hungarian Youth Champion

 1993-1995 numerous club trial in CA with two dogs

 1995 Duna Kupa, WUSV Qualification Trial (Hungary)

 1996 USA Southwestern Regional Championship

 1996 North American Championship, 10th pl

 1996 Duna Kupa, WUSV Qualification Trial (Hungary), 3rd pl

 1996 WUSV World Championship (Finland), 14th pl, V in protection

 1996 USA National Schutzhund III Championship (72 entries)

 1997 Niederrhein Pokal (Krefeld, Germany), 10th pl (over 50 entries)

 1997 USCA World Championship Team Qualification Trial, 7th pl

 1997 WUSV World Championship  (Switzerland), 30th pl, V in protection

 1998 USA Southwestern Regional Champion

 1998 AWDF Schutzhund III Champion

 1998 WUSV World Championship (USA)

 1998 USA National Schutzhund III Championship

 1999 USA Southwestern Regional Vice Champion

 1999 WUSV World Championship (Germany), V in tracking

 2008 WDA South Pacific Regional Vice Champion

 2008 DVG club trial winner (Fontana, CA)

 2008 WUSV World Championship (USA)

 2008 DVG Western KG VPG Champion

 2009 Winner of the Pan Pan Cup International IPO Competition and Qualification Trial (Hungary)

 2009 GSDCA-WDA National Schutzhund Championship

 2009 WDA South Pacific Regional Champion

 2010 GSDCA-WDA Northeastern Regional Championship, 5th pl and SchH3 Auslander Champion

 2010 GSDCA-WDA National Championship, 3rd pl H.O.T., 9th overall

 2010 USCA Northwestern Championship, High Obedience, High H.O.T., overall 4th pl

 2010 WDA Region 7 Championship Trial and Universal Sieger Show, V12, 100pts in tracking

 2010 VDH all breed club trial (Holland)

 2010 WDA club trial winner, 292pts (San Diego, CA)

 2010 WDA club trial, High Protection (Ramona, CA)



 WUSV and the Hungarian Dog Breeders Association (MEOE) - Training Director Certificate, earned in 1987

 Bronze Sports Medal - Hungary, 1987

 USCA Sports Medal in Gold (achieved in 2 years) -  USA, 1995

 Hungarian Schutzhund Competitor of the Year - 1996








Website: www.losangelesk9.com

Email: danubiuskennels@aol.com




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