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Kevin Lanouette - USA




His Accomplishments


It all started when I was a kid, when I used to visit and play with Cozy, my Aunt Irene’s German Shepherd dog. Aunt Irene & Uncle Leonard had returned from Germany where they lived while Uncle Leonard completed his tour of military duty. While in Germany they met and developed a long-term friendship with Ingrid, a woman who bred and showed German Shepherds. Before returning to the States, Aunt Irene & Uncle Leonard purchased Cozy from Ingrid. After returning to the US, they purchased a second Shepherd, Barney, from Ingrid. My mom recalls that when I was an infant, while visiting Aunt Irene, they’d put me in the shade and Cozy would guard me and would not leave my side. As I matured I yearned to play with Cozy and Barney, setting the stage for a lifetime of loving dogs.


In the summer of 1986 Aunt Irene contacted Ingrid in Germany so I could buy 4 puppies; one for me and three others for friends. When the dogs finally arrived, I ended up owning all four puppies. Never knowing how much joy and fun the German Shepherd dog would bring me, I took all four and began my career in the world of dogs. In 1990 I was introduced to the world of Schutzhund and I was off to the races trying to learn as much as I could. I am still learning everyday. Today I have been involved in the sport of Schutzhund for 17 years.


In 2004 I was looking for a dog in Germany and was fortunate enough that Dean Calderon introduced me to Helmut Konig, who sold me Gismo vd Mohnwiese. Over the last six years I have been competing with two dogs Wum & Gismo, and together we have achieved some notable accomplishments:


 2005 & 2006 & 2010 New England Regional Champion.

 2007 AWDF 2nd place

 FCI World Team Member in Torino, Italy for 2007 FCI World Championships.

 6th place at the 2007 WDA National Schutzhund Championships

 Alternate team for the 2007 WUSV World Championship in Slovakia

 2007 FCI USA World team 4th place finish

 2008 Masters Championship

 2008 FCI World Team Competitor

 2009 National Championship 11th place, High New England Region

 2010 National Championship 7th place, High New England Region


Everyday I either train, exercise or to just hang out with my dogs. While they bring me so much happiness, I often think of my Aunty Irene. My cousins told me how happy their mom was to see the documentary I made called The Underdog. Since I was an infant with Cozy, over the years dogs have meant the world to me. I owe all this to my Aunt Irene who recently passed away. If not for her passion to make friends in post WW2 Germany, and for Cozy and all the other dogs she had, I might not have experienced the wonder of German Shepherd dogs.


On a personal note, Kevin would like to send out a SUPER THANK YOU to Bob Buonato, Dean Calderon, T,Floyd and everyone else who has helped over the many years to get here today. And special thanks go to Helmut Konig for the opportunity to experience love and to have so much fun with Gismo & Wum!!






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