2011 Masters World

Dog Sport Tournament

for German Shepherd Dogs June 24-26, 2011





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José Miguel Vicente Granadero (Spain)

2010 WUSV Helper



Phone: 667 422038

Email: jmv.granadero@terra.es


Jose's helper resume:


- Official Helper of the RCEPPA in Spain

- 4 Spanish National Championships (and the next championship in Santander 2011)

- 1 Copa de España de RSCE (RSCE Cup)

- 7 Sieger Shows

- 2010 WUSV World Championship (back half)









Vincent Honselaar (Netherlands)

2004 WUSV Helper


Phone: 31 629580895

Email: vincent@kuijperhonselaar.nl


Vincent Honselaar is from Amsterdam, Holland. He is the owner and manager of a family produce business with 15+ employees. Vincent have been doing helper work since he was 12 years old. He is currently owner of three SchH3/IPO3 German Shepherd male dogs he has raised, trained and titled. Vincent actively competes on regional/national level with his dogs, he is also the main protection helper of Belgium's most acknowledged training group, working closely with 3 world champions - Roger Snollaerts, the 3x w.ch. Ronny van den Berghe and Bert Aerts. He is also the helper of the 2010 Belgian National Champion and other dogs receiving V rating in the protection phase at the 2010 WUSV in Sevilla, Spain.


Vincent's helper resume:


- 2004 WUSV World Championship (front half, over 120 dogs)

- 1 Asian Championship (Japan)

- 5 or more Dutch National Championships

- 2 Scottish National Championships

- 1 English National Championship

- 4 Club Championships with over 40 dogs entered

- 4 Dutch WUSV selection trials

- 2 Scottish WUSV selection trials

- 1 Hungarian WUSV/FCI qualification trial

- 12 Regional Championships

- 25+ club trials

- yearly national helper seminars/courses in Holland

- several helper seminars in the past 15 yrs in the UK (Scotland, Ireland, England)

- helper seminar in Japan

- 3 helper seminars/workshops in S. California, USA (2009, 2010)

- has been invited on numerous occasions to conduct helper work and/or seminars in several other countries.





Alternate Helpers


Chris Carr (USA)

1998 WUSV Helper, (2001 WUSV Alternate Helper)




Phone: 215.308.6649

Email: stronghaus@aol.com

Website: www.stronghaus.com












 1996 USA National Championship in Lynchburg, VA

 1997 IFR Rottwieler World Championship in Chicago, IL

 1998 WUSV World Championship in Boston, MA

 1999 North American Championship in Gatlinburg, TN

 1999 USA National Championship in Reno, NV

 2000 Sieger Show in Lynchburg, VA

 2001 WUSV World Championship in Slovenia -Alternate-

 2001 USA National Championship in Tauton, MA

 2004 North American Championship in Atlanta, GA

 2004 USA National Championship in Nashville, TN

 2005 USA National Championship in San Jose, CA

 2008 Masters World Dog Sport Tournament in New Egypt, NJ




Lotus Perkins (USA)

2008 WUSV Helper





Phone: 404.921.8863

Email: perkins115@comcast.net

 2008 WUSV Helper

 2007 USA GSD National Championship Front-Half Helper

 2007 USA North American & FH Championship Front-Half Helper - 30 Dogs. Excellent Rating; Judge Willie Pope

 2007 AWDF Championship Front_Half Helper - 32 Dogs. Excellent Rating; Judge Nathaniel Roque









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