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Hannu Liljegren - Finland




His accomplishments


 2010 WUSV World Championship 5th place 93/96/96 285
 2010 Finnish GSD National Champion 97/92/94 283
 2010 Finnish IPO3 Vice Champion 92/96/94 282 (FCI Qualification Trial)
 2009 WUSV World Championship 8th place 90/96/96 282
 2009 Finnish GSD National Vice Champion 95/91/96 282
 2009 Finnish IPO3 Championship 5th place 96/96/92 284 (FCI Qualification Trial)


He lives in Kormu, Finland, 45 miles away from the capital Helsinki, Southern Province of Häme with his wife Päivi Liljegren who was competitor at the 2009 FMBB Championship in Slovenia & 2010 FMBB Championship in Germany (and will be competing at the 2011 FMBB Championship in Belgium) and his 4 year old son Veeti and 1 year old daughter Venla.


The couple has been in the sport for over ten years. Hannu's first dog was Digi-Digi Great Prince, Kaapo and archived JK3 title. His second dog was Eloketun Codinonni, Tuisku and archived IPO3 title. He began training protection and bacame a helper. He trained following dogs, Malinois male Karpo and German Shepherd female Alfa vom Canil Dharma Kokx. At this moment he competes with his German Shepherd dog, Ratsumestarin Gonrad, IPO3, SchH3, called Käki. He was qualified from the Finland German Shepherd Association as a helper in 2009. He has worked as a helper for example to following dogs, Atibox World Champion 2008 Skybridge Eddie Van Halen and FCI 2nd place 2009 Mecberger Duunari.


from left: Marko Koskensalo, Annakaisa Loiri and Hannu Liljegren





2010 WUSV World Championship Obedience

Hannu Liljegren & Ratsumestarin Gonrad (Käki), IPO3, SchH3


2010 WUSV World Championship Protection

Hannu Liljegren & Ratsumestarin Gonrad (Käki), IPO3, SchH3



2010 WUSV World Championship Finnish Team

Website: www.teambiteclub.com


Email: hannu.liljegren@hotmail.com


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