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for German Shepherd Dogs June 24-26, 2011





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Frans Slaman - Czech Republic




My name is Frans Slaman, born in 1957. Raised in Holland and lived in Hungary, Czech Republic and now in the USA.


I did not keep much records of my accomplishment in the dog sport but out of my remembrance, I can give you a little summary.


As a 13 year old kid I started to train my first dog (a mutt) out of a book and was infected with the dog virus since. I am just dog crazy and fascinated with training and animal behavior in general. I like all dogs but favor the German Shepherd and Malinois for the Schutzhund sport.


Started in the KNPV but moved to German Shepherds club.


I trained and did helper work for police dogs and certified my personal police dog in the Diensthond program to be used in my profession as a game warden.


I took my second German Shepherd Narco von der Soerdonken to the World Championship in 1988, won several championships and participated in many trials with several other dogs.


My biggest interest was always in teaching, coaching and helping others and doing the training helper work in this fantastic sport.


I speak more languages and was invited to I give many seminars in UK, Hungary, Czech Rep. South Africa and the USA.


After Narco I trained and competed with several dogs, bred German Shepherds for a short period under the kennel name “Zum Stern Dreieck”.


I trained most dogs from a puppy. Among them were:


Narco van de Soerdonken

Provincial Championship 1st place in VH1 and later VH3.

Riederwaard trofee 1st place

Joop Vd waard trofee 1st place

Eifelbokaal Germany 87 3rd place

Selection trial WUSV 1st place

First WUSV in 1988 in Munster, Best Dutchman 284, 14th place. 

Citty von Haus Ming, SchH3, KKL2 (regional level),

Chago van Wolferkroon, SchH3, KKL1 (national level)

Oldo von Eiflegrund, SchH3, KKL1 V (national level)

Johny flughtweg, SchH3, KKL1 V (national)

Now preparing my next dog for competition:

Brongo Fron Fighter, IPO3, KKL1 SG HD and elbows 0/0.


I bought him 2 years ago completely untrained. He is showing me good qualities. Although this is going to be his first competition year, I believe he will be a pleasure to watch.


2011 USA Southeastern Regional Championship Obedience

Frans Slaman & Brongo Fron Fighter, SchH3, IPO3


2011 USA Southeastern Regional Championship Protection

Frans Slaman & Brongo Fron Fighter, SchH3, IPO3

Website: www.fransslaman.com

Email: fransslaman@gmail.com



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