2011 Masters World

Dog Sport Tournament

for German Shepherd Dogs June 24-26, 2011



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A Special Thank You!


Dog Sport Enterprise, LLC thanks everyone who has contributed to the 2011 Masters Tournament. Without our sponsors, advertisers, trophy sponsors, contributors, vendors and volunteers, it would be impossible to have this event. Also we would like to offer our sincere appreciation to the city of Brick, New Jersey for their generous hospitality making this event possible.



Welcome to the 2011 Masters World Invitational

Dog Sport Tournament for German Shepherd Dogs official website.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 Masters Champion: Hannu Liljegren & Ratsumestarin Gonrad

Vice Champion: Tommi Vanhala & Troyen`s Yrmy

3rd place: Frans Slaman & Brongo Fron fighter

Principal Promoters: Carlos Rojas, Frank Pinho, Kevin Rutherford, Ray Carlisle

2011 Masters Judges: Pedro Luis Gutiérez, Pierre Wahlström, Haruo Masuda


It is with great pleasure and unbridled enthusiasm that we announce, The 2011 Masters World Invitational Tournament USA.


30 world-class acclaimed competitors will come from as far as Asia and Europe, as well as from throughout the United States to participate and showcase the tremendous abilities and athleticism possessed by this most noble of breeds.


We will ascend the bar that we created at The 2008 Masters Tournament, using the knowledge and experience we gained from having hosted that epochal event to further improve.


The power, courage and intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog and its love for mankind will once again be showcased!


Cash prizes will again be awarded Why Not, and the Olympic-style judging that was so well-received last time will be utilized again.


The judges for the 2011 Masters are all past WUSV World Champions! We are honored to have:


Pedro Luis Gutiérez, former Masters Competitor of Spain

The 2008 WUSV World Champion


Pierre Wahlström, former Masters Judge from Sweden

The 2007 WUSV World Champion


Haruo Masuda from Japan,

The 1996 WUSV World Champion


Our helpers are:


José Miguel Vicente Granadero (Spain) who did the back half of

the 2010 WUSV World Championship in Sevilla, Spain 


Vincent Honselaar (Netherlands) who did the front half of

the 2004 WUSV World Championships in the Netherlands


Please peruse our website often for updates. We encourage those of you who are interested in supporting the Masters to check out the Sponsors Link.


We sincerely appreciate your interest in and support of

the 2011 Masters World Invitational Tournament. We pledge to bring you another world class event to welcome those from abroad with hospitality.


We feel that the leaders in Dog Sport deserve more recognition than they receive now and I want the Masters Tournament to continue to set the new trend in the sport. At our event each and every competitor and canine will be honored for their accomplishments.

We are enthused by the challenge of hosting such an epochal event and believe that tremendous benefit will inure to the breed that we share a love for. In addition, a number of worthy causes will receive a donation from revenue generated by the Masters:

Lung Cancer / Teenage Diabetes.

Wishing you the best and thanking you for your interest in and support of

the 2011 Masters World Invitational Tournament, Celebration of The Best of The Best,

we remain:




Carlos Rojas & Ray Carlisle – Principal Promoters & Founders



To view photos from the 2008 Masters Tournament, click the link below:



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